Simple - Easy for Green Hands

Enter the main page of iMyMac PDF Compressor on your Mac. You may find the place to put your PDF files in. Then, drag one of your PDF files at a time and process. A few seconds later, the compression would complete. Now, you can preview the compressed files and select a folder to save them. The process is really simple and easy for users who want to quickly compress their PDF files on Mac.

simple PDF Compressor

Offline - Privacy Protected

It is completely free for you to compress your PDF files via iMyMac PDF Compressor. You are no need to worried about that your files would be hacked or even for illegally used as this tool can support offline usage on Mac. You are also no need to upload your files if you compress online. In these ways, your privacy and information are under strong protection.

offline PDF Compressor

Automatic - A Smart Compressor

To compress PDF files, however, is not the ultimate purpose for iMyMac PDF Compressor. As a PDF compressor, it aims at providing users the easiest and most efficient way compress but with quite high quality. Even though you have no ideas about dpi or how large the PDF you want actually, the tool will automatically show you a perfect compressed PDF.

automatic PDF Compressor

Strict - Successfully Email Attached

Generally speaking, if your PDF files with quite a few images inside, the compressor would need more time to recognize such files and finish the compressing. Nevertheless, unlike other compressors, iMyMac PDF Compressor still keeps its high speed no matter how large the PDF files are. What's more, it makes the files saving bandwidth and meets the Attachment requirements in an email.

strict PDF Compressor
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