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Performance Monitor

Getting a feel about how fast or smooth the computer works may be one thing in telling the quality of performance which your computer exhibits. But having an actual metric to it is a much more accurate view of how it does perform.

You can get a closer look at your CPU's performance at any given time, whether in idle mode or in heavy load. Alternatively, it is also through this functionality that you get to see how much your computer's system consumes RAM and how many available disk space you still have.

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Smart Cleanup

Incorporating a powerful yet smart cleaner in one of its core, the PowerMyMac cleans every known mess in computers it could safely remove. It's smart enough to identify which files are considered a litter in a virtual sense from important files that are critical in the normal functioning of the computer itself.

Memory Retriever

The corollary to the process of cleaning the computer to facilitate smooth and fast processing of information is the procedure's capability to take back whichever memory the said clutters were occupying. As no data in a computer would exist virtually without taking a slot in the computer's permanent memory storage, these clutter eventual removal subsequently free up some needed space for other important pieces of data.

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Application Uninstaller

Remove applications from the system—they oftentimes leave clutter which the system fails to notice.

Addressing this concern, PowerMyMac's strong app uninstaller ensures that, not only is the unwanted application be removed from the system, it does so with completeness to the task. From the registry to the permanent memory storage, PowerMyMac cleans every remnant of the uninstalled software.

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As an all-in-one solution to Mac computers' many existing problems. The PowerMyMac encompasses many neat features that are essential in optimizing and cleaning your Mac.

System Requirements:

macOS 10.10 and higher

Supported Device Models:

All MacBook and iMac series




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